About us


About us

Company "Ei-Opek" of Nis is a shareholding company engaged in research, development and production of optoelectronic and electronic components and equipment. The firm was founded on June 15, 1991 factory to undertake development and manufacture of optoelectronic sensors for military applications. Since the October 27, 2004 it operates as a shareholding company. In addition to many years of experience in development and production of sensors for defense needs, “Ei-Opek“ also engages in development and manufacture of complex electronic unit and systems, according to customers requirements, in fields of applied electronics and telecommunications.

Numerous customers have acknowledged successful production of specialized equipment and systems in different industries ( food processing, pharmaceutical, rubber, chemical, etc.) and telecommunications. All products are built in compliance with prescribed technologies, and provided with appropriate technical documentation according to highest international quality standard JUS ISO 9001 and approved by users. Production is set up to meet all requirements of customers, within available technologies. „Ei-Opek“ has the permission for performing the production activity of military arm and devices from Ministry of defense. „Ei-Opek“ has 1000 m2 production and 200 m2 business area.